Warriors Serving Our Community!

September 7, 2017


During our time out of school, students, family units, co-curricular teams and other CCS groups worked diligently to help their friends, neighbors and strangers (now new friends) in our community. Whether it was removing wet carpets, sheet rock and other debris; providing shelter or a meal; or working in area shelters - we are so proud to see our Warriors living out the biblical values they are taught in their churches, homes and school.

This past Wednesday twenty-two secondary students from Cypress Christian School partnered with The MET Church to assist in Hurricane Harvey clean up. The Met had been functioning as a temporary shelter for families displaced by the storm and have housed between 500 – 600 people.

The Warriors arrived to a project board with lists of tasks to be completed and the students accomplished them all – moving mountains of water bottles, disinfecting all the countertops/door handles/tables and chairs on two floors of classrooms that had been used as a shelter, bagging up groups of the 400 cots used for evacuees, restocking pew supplies in the worship center, assembling MREs for distribution, and cleaning glass doors to help the church staff prepare for a return to normal Sunday activities.

Our students saved their maintenance crew dozens of man hours in returning their facility to normal operations and they did the work with enthusiasm and a great attitude. Our Warriors were excited to volunteer at The MET and are ready for other service opportunities in the coming weeks.

If your family is still looking for places to serve or would like to give to Hurricane Harvey Assistance Funds for CCS Families, please click here for more information.

Texas Strong! Houston Strong! Warrior Strong!